About The GT Garden Team

Dr. Elly Engle- Coordinator of Agrifood Systems Programming

Dr. Elly Engle (she/her/hers) is an assistant professor of Environmental Studies at McDaniel College. Dr. Engle is an environmental social scientist and her teaching and research interests focus on community food systems, regenerative agriculture, sustainability, and environmental justice. Dr. Engle also loves gardening in her backyard, cooking new recipes, going on hikes with her pup, Graycie, and yoga. Her favorite vegetable is garlic and her favorite garden job is caring for seedlings in the campus greenhouse.

Emma Findeisen- Student Researcher

Emma is a rising junior at McDaniel College with a dual major in Environmental Studies with a specialization in management and policy, and History. Emma enjoys the outdoors, nature and gardening. Emma is the current president of Green Life, McDaniel’s environmentalism club.

Gunnar Ward- Student Researcher

Gunnar (he/him/his) is a rising junior at McDaniel College majoring in Environmental Studies with a specialization in policy & management and dual minoring in Political Science and Journalism. Gunnar’s research is rooted in documenting his garden experiences  through his blog while focusing on community building through agriculture. Gunnar enjoys sports, the performing arts, and paddleboarding. Gunnar’s favorite garden activity is maintaining aesthetics of the space and giving tours. His bio is unofficially sponsored by Merry’s sunglasses and no cry knee pads which he always wears shamelessly while working outside.